17 September, 2013

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17 January, 2012

Cool photo booth effects download for Free

If you are a MAC user then you must be using Photo booth and ichat which comes pre-installed  for Mac OS X and iOS.Photo Booth allow us to take pictures by clicking center red button and add effects to our picture and videos.Photo Booth app is cool and it is really fun to apply different effect which you can use to distort your video and photos. PhotoBooth currently comes with 56 different photo and video effects while iPad 2 additionally includes Thermal,Mirror,X-ray,Kaleidoscope,Normal,Light Tunnel,Squeeze,Twirl and Stretch.

If you already bored from these old effects and are looking for better and more interesing photo booth effects then you can use below download options to install each effect.

How to Install these Photo Booth effects ?
  • Download as many photo booth effects as you want.
  • Unzip if they are zipped.
  • In Finder, navigate to /System/Library/Compositions then use Use command-click to select all the recommended compositions and Copy
  • Again in Finder, navigate to ~/Library/Compositions Then paste
To uninstall, empty the ~/Library/Compositions or /Library/Compositions folder.

More iChat effects

More ichat effects 2.05(updated) comes with a bundle of more than 56 effects for iChat and Photobooth in realtime.It does require to have OS X 10.5 Leopard installed.
These are super funny effects to photos and videos or video conferencing.Featuring more than 32 custom video effects like clown mask,holiday decoration(animated) and some more cut-outs and scene.You can download More ichat effects 2.05 for free from http://ismileys.free.fr


From B-L-A-C-K-O-P, you can get CatEye,which has Five sets of eight video effects for Leopard's iChat and Photo Booth .Download CatEye
Each set has its own theme:
  • RetroPixels – memories of 60s and 70s video effects.
  • Love For 80s – bringing back Space Invaders, Pong and VHS (yes, that’s video tape quality, ladies and gentlemen!).
  • Bent Pels – optical image distortion with a twist.
  • BoobToob – a set of TV screen effects.
  • FewTile – tiled-images effect.
To uninstal CatEye
1. Use Finder to open the /Library/Compositions folder.
2. Identify any/all CatEye effects (they have .qtz file extension).
3. Throw the effects into the Trash and empty it.


Freak Show has 16 Apple Photo Booth effects. Freak Show provides free Photo Booth-like effects for all Tiger Macs
Pros: Mimics pretty much all of Photo Booths functionality, Paid version captures video and offers additional effects, brings Photo Booth’s effects to the massesThe effects include stretching, magnifying and swirls, all which have the potential to provide hours of entertainment!
Cons: Not-quite-seamless integration with the iApps, performance is sluggish on even some newer systems, video capture requires a fairly robust system

If you know more Photo Booth effects please share with us ! OR if you have any issues with these effects use below comment system to reach me.

14 January, 2012

Solve irql_not_less_or_equal error in xp and Windows 7

irql_not_less_or_equal in Xp or Windows 7 is mainly due to driver mismatch or incompatible hardware and software - might be video drivers, graphics driver, NIC (Network Interface Card) or any other driver which crashes your system and give you blue screen with some hex decimal codes.Technically it means that some driver has tried to access some protected memory area to which it has no permission.This is not serious - Windows operating system do this to prevent permanent damage to your hardware.You can very easily correct this by finding the recent hardware or software which has caused irql_not_less_or_equal error.

The actual Format of the error is -

**** STOP 0x0000000A (0x00000010, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8051AA58)

Possible Reasons

The exact reason will be different for different systems but here are the most probable reasons
  1. Hardware - Damaged Ram(sometimes mismatched ram) or Graphic Card
  2. Drivers - Incompatible or outdated drivers
  3. Antivirus - Two or more antivirus or spyware programs together.
  4. Windows Update
  5. CPU Over heating
Our main task will be to find the problem which let to irql_not_less_or_equal error and will try to revert back by bringing your pc to previous state.

Tip 1 #

If you have recently added a new Hardware like RAM or NIC card printer or sound card remove them - restart and see if the problem exist.If YES the move to Tip 2#
There was a topic is some forum where  guy has the same error due to RAM mismatch because of different clock speed .If you have recently added a new RAM stick make sure that both are of some configuration.

My suggestion is to run the MS Memtest in extended mode or the Memtest 86 overnight and see if they report any errors in the morning.

Tip 2 #

Restart your Windows in the safe mode ( Press F8 durring boot process), safe mode has minimum number of drivers installed.Now Go to device manager ( Right click on 'My Computer' Properties > Click on Hardware tab >Click 'Device manager' button.
Device manager is a list of all drivers installed with in your system.
Now look for Exclamation mark in device manager which generally shows damaged / corrupted or the drivers for the device are not installed properly.
This will be the problem,uninstall and re-install (or update if the update is available) the problematic driver .
Restart Your computer.

Tip 3#

If you are using more than one antivirus or spyware programs uninstall all and keep 1 of your choice because. There may be a possibility that they try to access same work space at the same time which let to irql_not_less_or_equal error (in windows xp or Windows 7).

Tip 4 #

irql_not_less_or_equal in Windows 7 or Xp could be a result of recent windows update.Roll back to previous version by going to Start > 'All Programs' > 'Accessories' > 'System Tools'  > 'System restore' and choose previous backup date to rollback to previous stable condition.

Tip5 #

Overheating CPU can be a silent culprit some times. Reboot your system and go to your BIOS and check your system temperature. Check to see if the SMPS fan is working or if you are using Dedicated graphic card check to see if the temp is in limited range.
Remove your Graphic card, uninstall any driver to see your problem gone.

Tip6 #

If you continue to receive this error message, you may need to flash the BIOS on the computer's motherboard. Please refer to the manufacturer of your computer or the Web site for the motherboard for information about how to do this.

Specific problem to NVIDIA video cards

This problem occurs because your computer has an Nvidia video card using the video driver Nv4.sys.To check if your system uses one of these drivers, do the following:

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Under the Graphics icon, select the graphics card , click on the right mouse button, then click Properties .
  • Tab Driver , click on the details of the driver to display the names of the pilots.
  • If multiple adapters are installed, repeat these steps for each.

To solve this problem, get an updated driver from your video card manufacturer or visit NVIDIA at the following address: http://www.nvidia.com.

Did this Tutorial Solved your problem? If you have any more ideas then please use the comment box to help others like us !! 

11 January, 2012

Google redirect virus removal tool

If you are reading this because your system have been infected by a Google redirect virus or malware. Then let me tell you that you have come to a right place. Google redirect virus or (browser hijacker) is nothing but a malware program which might have entered in to your system through a newly downloaded toolbar or while browsing any malware infected website.Let me tell you that this malware is not harmful but definitely annoying  as it redirect google result to absolute random websites, which might try to download and infect you with more spyware and malware programs.

Below Mentioned are list of things that you should do or check for complete Google Redirect virus removal -
  • Check your DNS setting.
  • Check your Local Area Connection settings.
  • Check windows Host file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.
  • Check unwanted add-ons in internet explorer and Firefox or chrome.
  • Scan with malware special programs like malware-bytes or  Spyware Doctor
  • Use online scanner and removal antivirus 
  • Use TDSSKiller tool that is fast in detecting the TDL3 rootkit. 
  • Remove temp files and folders and empty browser cache.
  • Flush and renew your DNS configuration.

1. Check Your DNS setting.

Is is possible that the malicious program might have altered your DNS settings A DNS(domain name System) binds your website address with unique IP of any website.When page requests are made, they are rerouted to specified Domain Name Servers. This allows a remote "administrator" to direct users to the pages of their choosing. Which is our main problem.For example if you navigate to www.google.com or www.yahoo.com you might be redirected to some unknown locations.
a) Go to control panel ( Start - Control panel )
b) Double click on network connections icon to open.
c) Right click on local area connection and select properties.
d) Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” which is generally last in the list and Double click on it.
e) Make sue that “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is selected not "Use the following DNS server address"
f) Click OK

Sometimes DNS.Changer kind of mawares chnage DNS automatically after every restart in that case you go to control panel > administrative tools > services and look for "dns client" double click on it to get its menu. Switch it to "disabled" and "stop" it and hit apply.

2. Check your Local Area Connection setting.

There are chances that the virus is redirecting your browser through some alien proxy.Make sure that the browser proxy is disable or if you use proxy then double check ip address and post number.
To check your LAN settings -
a) Open internet explorer >In internet explorer go to  Tools - Internet options.
b) Click on 5th tab ie.(Connections tab), then click “LAN settings” button.
c) Make sure that “Proxy server” option is Unchecked.
d) For firefox - Open firefox and go to Tools > Options
e) Click on the ‘Advanced’ > ‘Network’ tab, > ‘Settings’
f) Ensure the ‘No Proxy’ radio button is selected and click ‘OK’ and close.
For chrome, safari and other browser you can perform similar steps and Unchecked any proxy server option.

3. Check windows Host file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.

In some case virus can edit and modify your system host file which will redirect we pages from one website to any other website.
a) Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and right click on “hosts” file and open with notepad.
An unmodified HOSTS file should only contain the IP address localhost. If there are other entries in the HOSTS file, remove them and then resave the file.
Windows 7 users need to open this file With the administrator privileged else you wont be able to edit them.

4. Check unwanted add-ons in internet explorer and Firefox or chrome

Check with all browser,if it is browser specific issues then chances that your browser is infected, update your browser and check and remove unnecessary add-on and extensions.
a) Search for unwanted add-on or toolbar in your browser and uninstall any suspicious add-on and restart your browser to see if the problem still exist.
b) You can uninstall toolbar from control panel > 'Add and Remove program' option.
c) In Internet Explorer Tools->Manage Add-ons.
d) In Google Chrome Customize  > options > extensions.

5. Scan with malware removal programs like malware-bytes or Spyware Doctor

If your antivirus programs has stopped executing this means malware infection and it is recommended that you scan your PC with anti-virus and anti-malware programs.Spyware Doctor and Malwarebytes Anti-malware are recommended,you can download 30 days full version trial and perform a full scan.
Here are some Spyware/malware removal programs -
Hitman Pro - http://www.surfright.nl/en
Spybot S&D - http://www.safer-networking.org/en/home/index.html
A-Squared - http://www.emsisoft.com/
SuperAntiSpyware - http://www.superantispyware.com/
Update and perform full scan. Such malwares are the very effective will remove any other malwares if present.

6.Use online scanner and virus removal

Sometimes malware and virus attacks your Antivirus and Internet security programs and which does not allow them to work properly in that case you can go for these reputed online scanner and see if they are helpful.
Most recommended and most used online virus scanners are -
Bitdefender online scanner - http://www.bitdefender.com/scanner/online/free.html
Kaspersky virus scanner - http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner
Free eset  online scanner - http://go.eset.com/us/download/free-antivirus-utilities.

7.Use TDSSKiller tool that is fast in detecting the TDL3 rootkit.

Google redirect virus belongs to class TDL3 rootkit and kaspersky's TDSSKiller tool is effective Google redirect virus removal tool.
a) You can Download the file TDSSKiller.exe ( http://support.kaspersky.com/downloads/utils/tdsskiller.exe ) and execute.
b) Do a full scan and disinfect any malware or virus.

8.Remove temp files and folders and empty browser cache.

Manually clean you temporary file and folders-
Go to Start and then Run.
Type %Temp% and click OK.
Windows temp folder full of files and other folders will appear.All of the folders and files you see in this Temp folder are no longer being used by Windows XP and can safely be deleted.Select all files and press shift delete.
Use CCleaner to delete your internet cache and missing or corrupt registry keys to remove any remnants of the virus that might be left behind.

These 8 points cover all possible causes and solution to google redirect virus,some things are more difficult than others, if you fell i have missed something or if you have something more to add Do write in comments and i would be happy to answer you.

16 December, 2011

Stop BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 Error in Xp and Windows 7

BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 problem is a common problem with Windows operating system with many forums discussing it over and over.
I recently had my Blue screen problems with DELL XPS Laptop and it was that time when i search for this bad pool caller or bad poll header problem.But there were pointers only with no to the point solution s and this has made me to write this post.

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any Windows updates you might need.

If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.
Technical Information:
*** STOP: 0x000000C2
Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.

Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further
Sometimes error code may appear differently due to different cause of the error

Root Cause - Bad Pool Caller (stop code 0x000000C2)
  • A defective memory or a faulty hardware.
  • Generally this is associated with damaged or incompatible drivers.
  • If you encounter this message while upgrading Windows, it may mean that the hardware is not compatible with new updates.In that situation either rollback or  Try disconnecting devices, or looking for a suitable driver for Windows.
Solution 1 - Fix Driver issues
Restart your system and keep pressing f8 immediately to boot windows in safe mode.
  1. Login and enter password if needed
  2. Then in safe mode click start->run 
  3. Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter this will run device manager
  4. Expand all (+) if needed and see if you find any yellow exclamation marks.Any yellow exclamation marks will indicate corrupted or incompatible drivers.
  5. Remove or uninstall that driver and install a updated copy of the driver from the official website.
Some of the most common Driver download pages are - 
Video Drivers: NvidaATI, Intel
Chipset and CPU drivers - Intel ,AMD, Via

Solution 2 - Check Memory 
Both Windows7 and Vista includes memory test program when booting from the Windows DVD.
or Download Free memory test software from : http://www.memtest.org
Burn it to black CD or make a bootable USBstick.Once booted it will test your memory. One full past will catch most errors, but you can let it run longer.
I would run it first to see if it finds any problems with either stick. If it does take one out and test on each stick individually.If only one stick tests bad then it's very likely the problem, but if both test bad ,or neither, then it's likely something else.

Solution 3 - Re install Windows
New installation if windows will insure that all drivers and hardware compatible errors are gone and everything will be back to normal.Pleasee backup your date before formatting your windows.

Hope this will solve all your blue screen problems. If you have something to contribute please use comment system to add to this post. Thanks

20 October, 2011

world civilizations the global experience third edition

Product Description
The primary goal of World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Third Edition is to present a truly global history--one that both discusses the development of the world's leading civilizations and also emphasizes the major stages in the interactions among different peoples and societies. The book examines all the world's civilizations, including those in the Western tradition but also those civilizations sometimes neglected in world history texts--for example, the nomadic societies of Asia, Latin America, and the nations and states of the Pacific Rim. World Civilizations balances this discussion of independent developments in all the world's major civilizations with comparative analysis of the results of international contact. MARKET Appropriate for anyone interested in World History.
Also available in pdf.
From the Back Cover
The primary goal of World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Third Edition is to present a truly global history--one that both discusses the development of the world's leading civilizations and also emphasizes the major stages in the interactions among different peoples and societies. The book examines all the world's civilizations, including those in the Western tradition but also those civilizations sometimes neglected in world history texts--for example, the nomadic societies of Asia, Latin America, and the nations and states of the Pacific Rim. World Civilizations balances this discussion of independent developments in all the world's major civilizations with comparative analysis of the results of international contact. MARKET Appropriate for anyone interested in World History.

About the Author
Peter N. Stearns
Peter N. Stearns is provost and professor of historyat George Mason University. He received his Ph.D.
from Harvard University. Before moving to George Mason University, he taught at Rutgers University,
the University of Chicago, and Carnegie Mellon,where he won the Robert Doherty Educational
Leadership Award and the Elliott Dunlap Smith Teaching Award. He has taught world history for more than 15 years. He currently serves as chairof the Advanced Placement World History Committee and also found edand is the editor of the Journal of Social History. In addition to textbooks and readers, he has written studies of gender and consumerism in a world history context. Other books address modern social and cultural history and include studies on gender, old age, work, dieting, and emotion. His most recent book in this area is American Fear: Causes and Consequences of High Anxiety.

14 October, 2011

Live Stream Watch Hopkins vs Dawson online

All you guys are invited to watch and Enjoy Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson live streaming HD video online on internet TV On your pc/laptop.The fight is a boxing 12 rounds WBC Light Heavyweight Championship that will start on October 15, 2011

Ring/WBC Light Heavyweight Title
12 Rounds
Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson Live
Date: 15 October 2011, Saturday
Time: 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT
Ring: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Live Coverage on HBO PPV
Defending Champion: Bernard Hopkins
This fight is between the number one contender of WBC Light Heavyweight division and the champion. Yes, my friend the fight is between Hopkins vs Dawson Live Stream. Hopkins the Executioner will rage his fists up against the Bad Dawson. Hopkins is greatly experienced and has a severe boxing record. Dawson is a young and quick with lightning fast speedy attacking and a southpaw that is a weak point of Hopkins. So, it is expected that the game will be a great match of boxing fight.

This is going to be a huge night for a lot of boxing fans Hopkins vs Dawson Live Stream , so do not forget we will be streaming this amazing fight this  Saturday 15 October, 2011. So if you are looking legit and good stream for this fight you are in the right place , do not get scam from other websites that does not work  , our streams work 100% , for this night we will have available about 8 different Channels to enjoy this fight. Also the replay video will be available within 24 hours after the fight ends in the page  .
Don't even think of missing this fight between chad dawson vs bernard hopkins live boxing online streaming WBC 12 Rounds fight. Get unlimited access unlike Pay Per View system with the online streaming, the future of digital media entertainment has evolved new dimensions to the fans. The sports fans now can stream live boxing matches full access to any games and parallally all other sports like Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey and Basketball Fully HDTV Broadcast on PCTV. This is a new technology of watch live boxing and sports in a single tv channel software

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13 October, 2011

Windows 7 Spooler SubSystem App has stopped working

Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close
Spooler SubSystem App has stopped working
I think that may be you need to update your Windows 7 version. Because the problem seems to be resolved since updated to 7048 version.

Or you can try to fix the error by this way:

1. Click the start button --> Control Panel --> programs and features --> windows features.
2. Then find the "Printing and Document Services" in windows features. Untick "Windows Fax and Scan" and "Internet Printing client".
3. Click the OK button to apply and reboot your PC.
4. When login the Windows, system will find the printer and install the priter driver.

12 October, 2011

Error Solved Print spooler service is not running

When I try to add a printer or print from most of my software the following error message pops up:
"Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running."

I Buy a new HP printer from my local store and tried to connect my printer with my laptop, i followed all the instruction mentioned on the HP printer booklet but this error was bugging me every time so  i searched and found that this error results from various number of reasons but the root cause is that The Print spooler depends on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service which might be corrupted or  killed by some other process,(manually or by some virus).

Below listed are the Main Reason which results  in this error "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running." -
Main Reasons

  1. Corrupted or outdated drivers - Update your drivers from official sites.
  2. Corupt print job causing this? First Stop the spooler service and then go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86. NOW delete any files in there and then restart your print spooler
  3. Print spooler service is set to manual 
  4. Virus/spyware - Scan your computer with a good antivirus.
Resolution How to solve this -
Solution 1
Remove previously installed corrupted drivers from your system then install a fresh new copy of drivers form the Printer CD/DVD.
How to remove corrupted drivers -

1. open regedit (start - Run - Type regedit and click OK ).
2. Navigate your way to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers
under this key, there will be the keys Version-2 and Version-3 (one or the other of these may be absent - not a problem)

The sub-keys under these contain the printer driver configuration information, delete all the sub-keys inside Version-2 and Version-3, but not these keys themselves.
3. Open command prompt (go to run and type cmd and click OK) and execute the following commands one after the other -
net stop spooler
net start spooler
4. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete any files there ,similarly navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86 delete all of the files and sub-folders and restart your computer and Now try to add printer.
If everything was done right your problem will be solved.

Solution 2
Print spooler service is set to manual Set is to AUTOMATIC
Simple solution to this is to restart the Print Spooler service and make sure it's Startup Type is set to Automatic. If Startup type is Automatic spooler will start every time when Windows is started.

Follow these steps to make sure that the print spooler service is set to automatic -

1.GO to Start then run and type services. msc and then click OK.

2.Scroll down and find Printer Spooler service under the Name column

3 Right click on Printer Spooler and select Properties.From dropdown menu choose automatic for Startup type. Check Service status, if service is stopped click on Start and than OK button, but if service is started first stop it with Stop button than click on Start and OK.
Solution 3
This is the ultimate solution if nothing work our for you and you still have this error "Operation could not be completed. The print spooler service is not running."
This is free tool from microsoft named Microsoft Fixit this Automatically diagnose and repair when you cannot print, or for problems installing a printer, connecting to a network printer and related errors.
How to install Microsoft Fixit -

  • Download this free application form Microsoft site.
  • Click the run button to start the program
  • Click the continue or allow button to proceed with the instructions.

How do Microsoft Fixit works -
It scans your system and tries to detect the root cause of the problem,then tries to fix the detected problem automatically on the click of the button, if still the problem exists it tries to provide further instructions to solve the error.
Final Thoughts
I have tried to collect every possible answer that is available for this error but if your error still remains then there is no option left, i will recommend you to go to your system or printer technician and get this Fixed.

09 October, 2011

Huawei e220 driver Download Windows xp vista and MAC

The Huawei E220 (also called vodem) is an external 3.6Mbps HSDPA USB modem.It is a specifically designed modem that is manufactured huawei and the device supports UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM.The E220 delivers an access rate of up to 3.6Mbps on HSDPA networks, 384Kbps on 3G networks, 236.8Kbps on EDGE networks and 53.6Kbps on GPRS.

The device consists of 2 cables-the first one is short and the second one is long. Improve the signal strength by combining LPDA and OMNI booster antenna. According to Huawei, this compact device is basically plug on play basis and you can easily connect it with your laptop, notebook or desktop be it any operating syetem Windows XP ,Wnidows Vista, Win 7 or MAC.But still sometimes it needs drivers on particular operating systems to work properly

You can download Huawei e220 drivers from the end of the post but i really recommend you to read these steps before you download -

  • Imp - Do not connect the USB modem to your computer before you have installed the e220 driver
  • Download a copy of the driver file and configuration application.
  • Unzip the file. Install the correct driver package for your platform (Intel or PowerPC).
  • Connect the USB Modem to your computer.
Windows Installations Instructions - 
  • Download Huawei e220 drivers for windows
  • Insert USB,and Windows will detect it automatically.
  • Windows will not recognize the device. So asks for driver with browse option, manually point location of Huawei e22 drivers Downloaded.
  • After installation completed  there will be 3 new devices: USB, 3G Modem, and 3G Port.
  • Install Vodafone/airtel Mobile Connect from that new drive.
  • Open Mobile Connect application, choose Settings – Network Connection Settings.. from menu
  • Create a new profile.
  • Information to be filled
  • Number : *99***1#
  • username: 
  • password:
  • APN Static:
  • Save this setting and try to connect.
Installation Instructions for Huawei E220 MAC OS Snow Leopard -
  • Download the latest MobileConnectDriver Mac package from Huawei.
  • Install it and reboot.
  • Plug in the modem and wait for the light to go blue. It should be automatically detected as a new network interface by Mac OS X.
  • Open System preferences and the Network pane. Select the HUAWEI Mobile interface in the list and enter *99# as the telephone number. Then click Advanced. Set Model to GRPS GSM/3G, set the APN to whatever your provider uses (Telia uses online.telia.se) and hit Apply.

Turbo c++ compiler for windows 7 free download 32 / 64 bit

When you try to run turbo c++ IDE on latest version of windows like windows7 or Vista, you might get the error message that 'The system does not support full screen mode. Choose close to terminate the application.'

The problem is that Turbo C is an ancient product which has not been maintained for several years. It cannot produce programs which will run on 64 bit windows; nor will the program itself run on 64 bit Windows; it is a 16 bit application. NTVDM (the subsystem which allows backward compatibility in Windows NT to run 16 bit apps) is completely removed in 64 bit versions of Windows

How to runBorland Turbo c on vista64 bit or Windows 7
The easiest way to get Turbo C/C++ to run is using DOSBOX which emulates the environment of an old 16bit MsDOS computer. This works very well and will allow you to run most programs (even CGA/VGA/SVGA graphics).
If you wish to run Turbo C on Linux there is DOSEMU.

Follow these easy steps -
  1. Download DOSBOX emulator for windows versions.
  2. Run the DOSBox software which you downloaded from above link in step 1.
  3. Then u will get screen which look like the command prompt in Windows.
  4. Now , Type in the following commands after the Z prompt:
  5. Just type “mount c: c:/tc” and press enter. 
  6. Assuming that Turbo C++ is installed in C drive and TC folders located at C:\TC
  7. You may get a message that 'Drive C is mounted as local directory C:/TC\'
  8. Change the directory from z prompt to C/BIN/tc.exe. 
Now the Turbo C++ will open in DOSBox. Press ALT+ENTER  to open in full screen.

Video tutorial on Installing Borland Turbo c++ compier on Win7

How to start TurboC++ in the DOSBox automatically:
You can save some time by having DOSBox automatically mount your folders and start TurboC++ evertime you start your computer

For DOSBox versions older then 0.73 browse into program installation folder and open the dosbox.conf file in any text editor. For version 0.73 go to Start Menu and click on “Configuration” and then “Edit Configuration“. Then scroll down to the very end, and add the lines which you want to automatically execute when DOSBox starts.

mount X C:\TurboC
cd tc\bin

Automatically mount and start Turbo C++3.0 in DOSBox ver 0.73,Those commands will be executed automatically when DOSBox starts!

Top 5 non-english pinging service | Ping your blog

What  is pinging and How dos pinging help your site in seo ?
When you ping a site you are just telling different services that you have created new content on your blog or on other sites. Thus inviting services ans search engines to crawl and index your site.
Pinging is not that effective as  it was few years back but still works for new blogs which are still new and is not fully indexed.
I will recommend you to ping every time you update your blog to keep search engine interested in your blog.

Here is the list of pinging service which support some non-english services -

1 Pingthatblog - Supports bot english and non-english services.Easy to use interface.enter your Feed url blog url and title in appropriate field and hit enter.Language supported - English,Deutsch,Brazilian,Chinese,Japanese,Hungarian,Danish,Russian,Malay,Korean,Swedish and Spanish.

2 Pingoat -Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, Supports 15 non-english services.

3.Pingler - Pingler Feed is available to use for free.It Ping your blog to Google in all different google supported languages.

4.Total ping - Ping simultaneously 27 non-english services at once.TotalPing is partially based on the pinging of English and non-English sites. About 50% of the services supported are split between the two, with only a few specialized sites being supported.

Here is a biggest list of pinging sites,if you are using wordpress you can modify ping list on the Control Panel, then Options, then Writing