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Best Language Translator Widget For Your Blog

Google translate widget
Small Handy Google Gadget that translates the content on your site/blog to one of 13 different languages. You can embed this JavaScript widget to in your sidebar as it is small at 180 px. and can customize according to your space.


Microsoft chimes in with their Live Translator widget
It’s not much to look at and it uses JavaScript for the code but it will translate your content in a side by side format on the Live Translate page. If your site is not optimized for Internet Explorer don’t expect much from this offering. It has a tendency to chop up your site in the side by side comparison. Why?? who knows. But I’m sure it has to do with the ‘beta’ status of this offering.

Feel free to ask!!COZ Your questions and suggestions are the only favour I get in return :)


  1. I think it is important to say, that a translation widget can never replace real bilingual or multilingual content.

    One word can have more than one translation. For example the German word for castle does also means lock. Google translates "Er kaufte ein Schloss." with "He bought a castle." - this is correct as long he really bought a castle and not a lock for his bicycle ... ;)

    With more details, Google gets sometimes figures it out: "Er kaufte ein Schloss für sein Fahrrad." translates correctly to "He bought a lock for his bicycle."

    ...but sometimes Google gets it wrong: "Er kaufte ein Schloss für seine Schatztruhe." translates in "He bought a castle for his treasure chest." ;))

    What I want to say is, you can not expect automatic translations to get the meaning right. When you run a professional site, your text has to be translated by a human who understand the content.

    Also, when you have a multi language business site, make sure, that you have staff which can deal with requests in these languages.

  2. I have to agree with the previous comment that these tools need to be used with caution.

    It's great to feel you've added translation into some languages... far as it goes. Microsoft's and Google's machine translations are often useful for getting a gist of a text. But it would be dangerous to think they necessarily provide good (or even, understandable) translation. To be fair, Microsoft and Google admit as much.

    As I've pointed out on my blog, it would be wise to consider these limitations when translating your own website. Unless you speak the translated language, how accurate the result is? Getting a rough gist of a text is fine when researching a restaurant to visit on holiday, but not what you would want a prospective client to read on your website.

  3. Good thing there are these great tools to help increase readers and enjoy a good article and the language barrier being left behind.


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