11 October, 2009

Add music to your blogspot Blog

Depending on the subject matter of your blog, having music played in the background may either enhance the pleasure of reading or annoy your visitor.
This simple TUT will help you to embed any audio file to your blog.

Now,you would have to decide how you want the music to be played.
This can be doen in two ways:
1.IF u want that a user click on text link and then the music is played then use this :

<a href="URL of music file">Click to hear music file</a>
Remember to enter the URL of music file into the above code
2.Music with a console
A music player console with controls of the volume, on and off buttons, would give your visitors a choice on how he wants the music played.
Use This code:

<embed autostart="false" height="40" loop="true" playcount="2" src="URL of music file" width="300"/></embed>

It will look like this:

  • Insert your URL of music file into the code.

  • The width  and The height would depend on your preference and space constraints.

  • The autostart attribute has two options. If you choose "true", the music will automatically play when your page is loaded .The better option is to state it as "false". If the visitor wishes to hear the music, he can click the play button to start the music.

  • The loop attribute indicates whether the music should stop once that particular tune ends
If the attribute is "false", the music ends after it is played once. If it is "true", the music will automatically loop and continue playing until the visitor clicks the stop button or leaves your site

  • You can specify the number of times the music is to be played. In the above example, where playcount="2",

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  1. hi! whats the URL of the music file? thx! :) :) :)

  2. I posted this comment a while ago, but did not see it, so I am trying again. My granddaughter has a blog, whose URL is
    http://forevergreengirl.blogspot.com/. She wants to add a continuous music loop, single song, to her blog. I went to last.fm and registered. I located the song that she wants to use and added it to my playlist. I have only one playlist with only that song. Now I ned to figure out where to find the URL for that song. I did not purchase the song, as yet. If I do purchase the song will I then be able to get its URL to embed in her blog?

    My email address is: michael@carmelinfotech.com.

    Thank you for your advice.

  3. Thank you for the suggestion.

    I am interested in playing an endless loop of one particular song automatically when people view my blog. I went to last.fm and added the tune "Big Yellow Taxi" by the Counting Crows to my playlist. It is the only tune on the playlist. Problem is that I don't know where/how to find out the URL for the tune. Can you suggest another site or at least where to look on last.fm? Would I have to purchase the tune before getting a URL?

    Thanks for helping!

    My email address is: michael@carmelinfotech.com.

    This is actually for my granddaughter, whose blog can be found at:

  4. I tried no luck. Please help. I paste the code with the url from fileden. The code shows up. Not the player.

  5. Will Mixpod players work on blogger? If so how do I get them to work?

  6. Works Great.
    The bar was only part visible until 1)i uninstalled Quicktime when it played in VLC player or
    2)until i installed latest QuickTime.
    The only thing i can't get to work is the playcount. It either plays once with loop 'false' or continuously with loop 'true'


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