02 October, 2009

Adding Favicon to your Blogspot

For those who don't know what Favicon is 'Favicon is a small icon(image) displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser.It is also called Favourite Icon, Pageicon and urlicon.

Most of the people use 16*16 pixel favicon(you can also use 32*32 pixel favicon) with ".ico" format.But,you can also use gif,png(image formats) aswell.
Now a step by step procedure-

Step 1:Getting your favicon.
a)Download free favicons

Use these places to download free favicon.or search "free favicon download in google u will find hundreds.

b)Use image To create a favicon
SEARCH Google ,Yahoo,free image hosting sites like photobucket , tinypic to get your desired image for creating favicon.
  • Upload your image
  • Add scrolling text(if needed)

 Now your favicon is ready.
Step 2:Upload it to free imagehosting site.

Step 3:Adding to blogspot.
  1. Login in to blogger
  2. Navigate to dashboard->layout->edit html
  3. Find this code in your html(press cntl+F)
<title><data :blog.pageTitle/></title>
 and just after it paste the next code.

<link href='ADD  YOUR FAVICON URL HERE' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='ADD YOUR FAVICON URL HERE' rel='icon'/>

Replace : "ADD  YOUR FAVICON URL HERE" with your image url in both places.

Click Save Template

Step 4:Click View Blog And Enjoy


  1. Sorry but this method doesn't work, i tried doing it but failed.

  2. @ Extreme Its Working for sure.I tested it.
    Just give it One more try..

  3. nice trick broda....
    hope u remember me......I lost my Adsense account.....any trick to get it now....

    Nitin Adlakha


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