02 October, 2009

Restore Accidently deleted Google gmail blog(or Gmail Account)

If u have accidentally deleted Your Gmail Account And had forgot that Your Gmail Account Is tied Up With It then don't loose hope below link is the solution for


and Provide All The Informtion as accurately as possible...Because details you are submitting willl determines that your blog will be  restored or not.

Else Leave a Comment I will Surely try to help You!!


  1. Hi! I am in this terrible situation where I accidently deleted by google account, and now cannot access my blog. can you please me? My email address is correale_91@hotmail.com and my blog was www.fourstepsnorth.blogspot.com

    It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi-I accidentally deleted my blog. I got the blog itself back but not the posts. Can you tell me how to get those back?
    Thanks so much

  3. @Anonymous

    Hi 1 thing you can do is to search your blog in google

    And view the cashed version of your blog....as i did and i can see all your five posts ...

    Copy all posts 1 by 1 and paste in compose mode and republish your blog...
    Hope this helped


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