17 November, 2009

Adding background color to your posts[using HTML]

Few Days back i wrote an article about changing the background color or image of your blogger.This hack is similar to it accept that it adds image which are limited to post area.
If you are bored  with your post background, you can use  this hack and make your blog more appealing to your readers.

Demo : look at post background.
 Note:This hack only Adds image To the single post by using HTML code.

Code for Changing the Color of the Post Background

<div style="background:#FF0080; padding:5px 8px 5px 8px;">
Your Post Content goes here.....................

You can change background color by changing color code background:#FF0080

Code for adding background image.

<div style="background:url(URL address of your image) no-repeat;">
Your Post Content goes here.....................

Replace URL address of your image With  your image URL.


  1. I wonder if this works with a Wordpress driven blog?

    Megan J.

  2. Sure,it works for both wordpress and blogger........
    Actually it uses simple html hence can work for any blogging platform or on an webpage

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