30 January, 2010

Widget to display backlinks to your blog

One of the main factor that really matters to bloggers are the number of backlinks pointing to his blog.This is a widget which allows to display latest backlinks received by the blog.It can be an encouragement to the visitors to see that this blog is bonded with many places on the net.Since it is based on search feature ,this widget automatically updates.

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To add this widget to display your backlinks :
Layout > Page Element >Add a gadget >Feed

And enter the following URL

Replace myfundoo-blog.blogspot.com with your own url.

Once the URL is added you will get a window having different options to choose according to your need
and click   SAVE 

End result of the widget will be some thing like this :


  1. finally can comment back to this blog ... hohohoho

  2. hihihihi...cek gi dot my bro ;)

  3. Backlinks are the most important external thing you could for your domain. To get a general idea of your web status simply take a look at this info analysis: http://ministatus.com/
    ... and notice what others have and you don't ;-)

  4. where do I find a widget, similar to what InkLinz have, that would allow me to receive link submissions from my readers with a picture and a small description? InklInz are charging $2.00 per month... I want it for free. Any idea?


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