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Google Buzz Tips And tricks

Since everybody is buzzing about new google are some tips and tricks to customize your buzz experience.

    1.Add google buzz button to your blogspot.

    2.Disable e-mail notification
    When someone replies to one of your Google Buzz messages, Google sends an email notification to your Gmail account. If you don't like the notifications you can create a filter that archives or deletes all the messages that are labeled "buzz".Make sure you type label:buzz

    3.Add more connecting sites.
    Google Buzz lets you import content from services like Google Reader, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Flickr. Google explains how to add a link to your profile and how to include a special markup (rel="me") that offers more information about the link.

    <link rel="me" type="text/html" href="" />

    4. Quickly open Google buzz -keyboard shortcuts
    If you've enabled keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, type g b from any Gmail view and you'll open Google Buzz.

    Some other useful shortcuts:

    Shift+l - like a message
    m - mute (ignore) a conversation
    r - add a comment
    p / n - go to the newer / older conversation
    o - expand conversation

    5. Hide Google Buzz counter
    Unfortunately, there's no Gmail option that lets you hide counter, but you can hide the link to Google Buzz. Drag "Buzz" to the "X more" drop-down and you can hide the Buzz label.
      6.Subscribe to a Google Buzz account in a feed reader
    Google Buzz's search feature shows the latest public messages that match your query.
    Some useful searches: - find all the messages written by a specific user (you can also use a partial name instead of an email address) - find all the messages that have a comment from a specific user

    has:photo, has:video, has:link - restricts the results to messages that include photos, videos or links (for example: vancouver has:photo)

    source:flickr, source:twitter, source:reader- restricts the results to messages imported from Flickr, Twitter, Google Reader (for example: vancouver source:flickr)

    7. View Google Buzz photos in a slideshow

    When you upload photos to Google Buzz, they're added to Picasa Web Albums. If you click on a thumbnail, Google Buzz will open a lightbox to help you quickly navigate between images. Unfortunately, there's no option to view the images in a slideshow, but Picasa Web Albums has this feature and there's a small link that opens the photo album. Click on "view all" and you can select the slideshow option, export photos using Picasa or print photos.

    8. Add rich text messages

    You can use the same tricks that work in Google Talk to write rich text messages:

    *bold message*
    _italic message_
    -deleted message-


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