24 February, 2010

Home,Newer post,Older post Free Icons and images for blogger

You must have seen various tutorials on How to replace Newer post , Home ,Older post with image.No,this article is not about that.Here on myfundoo blog i have collected Newer post , Home ,Older post images for my fellow readers.You can use these images on your blog .
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(Right click and save image as)

Newer post image Home image Older post image
Newer post image Home image older post image
Newer post Home Older post
1252559445 home-22 258729643
Picture9 kfm_home-alt Picture10
arrow-left-double go-homec arrow-right-double
arrow-left home-71 arrow-right
orbital-arrow-left orbital-home orbital-arrow-right
orbital-arrow-backward orbital-home orbital-arrow-forward
Picture3 Maps Alt Picture4

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Home newer post older post images for blogger :Part 2


  1. Thanks a lot. Those icons are really attractive

  2. thanks very much i got my icon all icon are really nice http://goo.gl/jhBZp


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