21 April, 2010

Generate 300+ backlinks in 1 minutes

Backlinks are the backbone of every successful site ,A blog with large number of backlinks is generaaly at the top of the search engines.Backlinks are links on one website that lead back to another website.

I was Searching google inside out to find some tricks to get free and easy backlinks And suddenly i come across this website  called backlinkgenerator

How this generate backlinks??
You may have heard about websiteoutlook It provides some handy information about your blog like your Alexa rank??Your approximate ads revenue??.............In return provides you free backlink.
What this backlink generator does is it has a collection of 344 such websites which it automatically pings these sites with your blog address  instead of you doing manually.
I strongly recommend you to do this for your blog .

Follow easy steps and Get free backlinks
[1] Go to backlinkgenerator
[2] Enter your blog address like shown in figure above
[3] Click Generate

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  1. thanks bro, keep it up i like your work and this new theme also..

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  4. Hey sumit.
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  5. This seems a better way to get solid backlinks. Thanks for the share bro.

  6. It seems great post but i doubt that it really works for backlinking is it possible. I believe that its not possible

  7. Oyun Fak├╝ltesi - Best Flash Game Site

    Im new if i do that i'll get backlink from your site right ? but nofollow right :( ?


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