24 May, 2010

SimplexTube A Video Blogger Template

So here is new Video blogger template named SimplexTube . It's a template for personal blog , support video and video thumbnail ,not a video gallery .
You can see the screenshot here

SimplexTube A Video Blogger Template
Video Blogger Template

How to install simplex tube video blogger template?
Download template . All images are uploaded s to ImageShack and scripts to Google code ,ImageShack and Google code are unlimited bandwidth services at this time .
Upload template to Blogger .
Go to Dashboard  > Layout  >  Page Elements .

How to use SimplexTube
This template has two sections ,Video and Blog . Video for showing videos ,and Blog for showing normal post
1.To create a video post ( mean a post with video and text description for that video ) ,post with structure bellow :
text description goes here

For example ,I want to create a video post with youtube video at this address : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5wfYPXAjl8 ,here is what I do :
Go to Dashboard - > Posting ->New Post
and enter post content like this

Textdescription .....blah blah blah ...

add the label 'video' in Labels field .
Click Publish Post . Ok ,we finish posting a new video to blog

2.To post a normal article ,go to Posting ->New Post and write your content as normal . But remember to add label 'blog' at Labels field . This label will mark post as normal blog post and it will show your post in Blog Post style ( Not Video Post style ).

3. To show your post in slideshow at the top of homepage,add one more label 'feature' to the post .

At this time, Simplextube template support only Youtube video


  1. this is an interesting article on simplextube video

  2. thnx for sharing such nice video template for blogger



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