10 June, 2010

ipod Touch :Template for blogger

iPod Touch is a template for Blogger ideal for iPod lovers. It is a template column, although in the footer has three columns to accommodate the gadgets.It has a menu at the top and the buttons are an adaptation of the icons on your iPod or iPhone. It has integrated the Read more automatically, ie cuts alone makes the entries.

Name: iPod Touch
Designer: El Potro
  Compatibility: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 
Features: >Plantilla para Blogger,  Touch Blogger template, 1 column, 719px wide, a menu, 3 columns in the footer, Read more automatic, an iPod Touch Simula
  Includes: Plantilla XML,  XML template, Installation, License


  1. wow, its a full stylish...great

  2. wow! awesome template. never seen this type..never.. i just like it ..i feel like blogging about ipod or iphone,.. looking at this template...hmnn yes i hav to.


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