24 June, 2010

Two cultural china blogger templates

Ink and Wash Blogger Template

Link and Wash is a beautiful Blogger template with a taste of Chinese culture and characters.

Features: 2 columns Blogger templates, china style templates, personal Blogspot template, travel Blogger templates, nature Blogger templates, floral Blogger layout

Demo Download

Simple China Blogger Template

Simple China is a very beautiful theme by Alexander Tumanov. You can customize all fonts and colors by just going to "Fonts & Colors" tab.

Features: 2 columns, travel, china, rss, top menu, xml, blogspot. 


  1. I like Ink and Wash templates. Its simple yet attractive. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thanks for nice shearing. I really like it. So beautiful blogger templates. Good work.

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    Yours sincerlly Robert Codescu from Romania !!!


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