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Flowtown combines Email marketing and social media

If you’ve never heard of Flowtown, it’s a service that lets you import an email list, then they cross-reference that data with public social profiles and the system reports back where and how that address is connected on the social Web.The information that can be retrieved like this includes the person’s occupation and location along his/her full name, age and gender.

Flowtown will empower Email-marketers to conduct more effective and targetted campaigns. Having information about the target audience such as the predominant gender or demographic is invaluable, and it will allow anybody not to waste even a single penny on a public that is unreceptive.

Flowtown is the first tool(business social marketing ) we’ve come across with that makes a sound effort and help you to connect to your contact databases with the social media activity of your members and supporters. in their own words -
When all you have are email addresses, Flowtown can show you all the different social netw…

Divine blogger template

Divine Sunset is dark minimalistic Blogger template. It only has 1 image. This template has a nice simple design. This template would be suitable for personal bloggers and photoblogs.

Demo || Download

Template pet for dog lovers orange color

This is a layout theme, for those who enjoy pets.Template Pet has a column on the right, three blocks at the bottom and a space to insert images in accordance with the subject of the blog.Fonts and colors 100% customizable.

Customizable colors and fonts Compatible with any browser that is properly updated. Template theme One column to the right Three blocks in the footer Name your blog's footer (self) Optimized CSS Several hacks installed Hacks Installed :
Related Posts Withdrawal of Navbar Jump break and hack read more Customizing the navigation icons Favicon Avatar in the comments Block quotations Custom Button for social networks

Auto generated meta tags description for blogger using python

Auto GenerateMeta tags and Description for Blogger or Blogspot script written in python Sebastian Noack has written a very good script to auto-generate meta tags and description for Blogger or Blogspot.Previously we have seen how to add meta tags for each individual post and this script does that manually.

This generates the meta tags based on the feed of your blog and updates the html template at Blogger. It generates meta tags for the following pages.

The hompage
with the blog description with the most used tags in the blog as keywords  The page of each post
with the first paragraph of the post as description with the tags of the post as keywords 
Unfortunately,it’s written in python language which is a bit complicated for Windows user(like me)who are not familiar with Linux operating system.

What we expect
He definitely have done a great job in creating this hack. it's however quite a challenge for ordinary blogger to understand.Blogspot user needs only to copy/paste the script …

Add amazing effect to your photos use photofunia

PhotoFunia is a web image editor that gives users the ability to introduce our images in order to get certain effects very colorful and fun experience with the photos you can assemble.
If you came looking for let me remind you to Download PhotoFunia PhotoFunia is not a downloadable program, but rather just need to log on page, upload your own photos, choose a design that pleases you and download the photo on your pc.
Sign in PhotoFunia page on this link: Photofunia 

Auto Zone blogger template

Name: Auto Zone
Features: cool, slick, web 2.0, rounded corners, awesome header background, car, pattern, blue, gray, white, red, left sidebar, vertical menu navigation, fluid header, inline comment form support, comments with avatar, personal, hobby, auto-related blog, business
Type: Modified Blogger Template 
Author: Splashy Templates


5 simple blogger template

Think simple blogger template
Think Simple is a really simple blogger template for your personal or business blog. Designed by Me, I like minimal.This template has 3 column with right sidebar. A white background with red text make it really awesome. Check this out.
DemoDownload Life is simple blogger template
 Life is Simple Blogger template resembles to a blogging blog that`s simple and one can find anything that`s on the blog. The template is quite suited for photo-blogging as well .

It is good if you use the Blog Archive in a Flat list format because in hierarchy format, it might not look good.
Based on Wordpress by and created for Blogger by me
DemoDownload 2-plus blogger template
2Plus its an ecxellent blogger template. Designed by Klodian and Dante. 2Plus is clear, simple, minimalis blogger template. Looks professional like a premium template, but you can download this blogger template for free.
2Plus is clear, simple, minimal looks professional like a premium te…

Design Blogger Template

Description -Design Blogger Template Design is Blogger template for personal bloggers. The template has a nice header and layout. The background has a floral touch which makes this template look sweet.


Hack blogger comment box to increase comments

Blogger comment box hack to increase comment in your blog.This is a very strange way but it is working,when i first applied it it made me laugh.Its a funny hack for blogger comments count, as with it you can increase your comment count for all blogger posts with any fixed count you want.I think i should proceed to the tutorial so that all of you can enjoy this funny hack in your blogger.

1. Sign in into your blogger account and go to Design > Edit HTML
2. Look out for </b:skin> tag
3. Add the following code before it
Now save the template and view your blog
Hurray now your post having 0 comments will show up 76 comments.Its really fun.
You can change 76 to any number you want.Try using it and have fun.

Looking to buy japanese samurai sword ?

History of sword  
The literal definition of a sword is: A hand weapon consisting of a metal blade that varies in length, breadth, and configuration. Typically, the blade is single or double sided for striking and cutting, with a sharp point for thrusting. A sword is fitted with a handle, or hilt; that is usually equipped with a guard.

If you are looking to buy samurai swords I recommend you to has variety of replica swords and knives suitable for use in historical and fantasy reenactments, theater productions, or for serious collectors and people looking for Japanese swords or Ninja swords to complement their d├ęcor.
Serious collectors will love your extensive selection of the highest quality collectible swords and knives available. 
You can shop by type of sword, such as Japanese Swords or by brand. They have replica swords in styles that include swords from different historical eras, such as Medieval, Renaissance, and Edwardian periods of history, and swords of…

Move your blog from Livejournal to blogger

Google Data Liberation team has started a new open source project named as Google Blog Converters, This new Open Source project provides the ability to easily move blog posts and comments from Livejournal to blogger. Currently this project is being implemented in Python Libraries and Executable scripts which converts between the export formats of Blogger, LiveJournal.

Go to livejournal to blogger conversion(Google's service) hosted on appspot and Follow the detailed instruction to get your blog moving on blogger.
You will be asked to provide your live Journal Username and password do not worry you can surely trust this converter.
Read more abut this on google code


Template Sky2 blogger template

This is the version of Template Sky , with the sidebar on the right side and the search box in the header of the blog.


Template Sky blogger

Template Sky is a bit different from previous ones because it has a background (background) and custom sidebar (sidebar) is on the left.It's fast, it has optimized the CSS and few external images.

Watch russian movies live streaming is a US-based company oriented for Russian-speaking audience all around the world.More than 70 Russian TV and Radio channels streaming live on your computer or tv Plus a free archive of all channels for the past 3 weeks.

You can select from Sports channels, News channels, Movie channels, Documentary channels and Kids channels but to name a few.Full archive of all that was broadcast over the past 3 weeks.All movies, TV shows, soap operas are in one place!.
Also broadcast of 9 channels Ukrainian television excellence plus archive for 3 weeks.. This Russian TV service is not free but its a great source for russian tv and movies.

How to subscribe ?
Register to  with your desired login and password.Fill the billing information and your registration is complete.

Payment methods
Credit Cards Debit Cards and paypal are accepted at this point of time.

Watch streaming live on TV.
If your video card has S-Video output, you can connect the S-Video cable to your TV,…

Pretty Theme Blogger Templates

Description A pink and white clean, minimalist, classic, elegance and stylish two-columns layout theme to blossom your fashion and beauty side.


Run with Your Dog Blogger Template

Description Run with Your Dog Blogger template is a new template re-edited by Theme Craft team. It is a sweet template that you can use for your Blogger hosted blogs.


Postage theme blogger template

Description Postage is a Blogger Theme that is perfect for a traveler to share his experiences around the world.
Go to Design >
Edit HTML and
Find the codes below
<a class=%u2019PST-stamp%u2019 href=%u2019#'/>
Replace the # symbol with your Twitter URL or anyother URL
Author bloggerthemes