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Publish new post to digg automatically use RSS Feed URL

If you already have a Digg account you can set your blog to Automatically Digg new post with in a matter of few seconds.You will need to verify yourself as the owner of your blog to automatically Digg your posts, below i will walk you through the steps.

Just lets follow the steps below:-

1. Login into your Digg account.
2. Click Settings at the right top of the page.
3. Click Import Feeds at the left task pane.
4. Enter your Website’s RSS Feed URL in the Text box.
5. Select your site’s niche from the dropdown box and click the Add Feed button.
6. After submitting the feed you need to verify your ownership of your Site, by following any one of the two methods provided by Digg.

See Image Below

New simpsons movie blogger template

Features: 2 columns layout ,Right Sidebar,  Top Navigation Menu,  Fixed width ,Gray Background

. Source and Designer : SplashyTemplates.

Demo || Download

New 3 column adsense template

Template Name: Bloggerized Adsense Template Details: 3 Column Template, Adsense Optimized, Dark Coloured Author: Isnaini


Baby shop blogger templates

Baby Shop Blogger Template is a free premium template with Professional Design for your Online Store. is specially designed templates that you create a conversion I want to build a simple online store, especially who want to sell knickknacks baby equipment. With a view that is very elegant style and look professional, this template-style course designed specifically Magazine plus Gallery , and do not forget I also have SEO features planted therein.

Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
Template Name Baby Shop Blogger Template
Template Author Agus Ramadhani - /


Mashable like blogger template

Here's a new Blogger Template - Mash Blogger Template.

 Features: 3 columns layout  Right Sidebar  3 Columns Footer  Two Navigation Menu  Search Box Ready  Ready Social Widgets Ready Retweet, Facebook Share Button  Read More Hack  Fixed width  White Background.  Source and Designer : BloggerMint.
Demo || Download

New Counter Strike Blogspot Template


2 columns layout Right Sidebar  Search Box Ready  RSS Ready Widgets  Fixed width  Black Background.  Source and Designer : Ezwpthemes.
Demo || Download

New and improved related post widget blogger

Displaying related posts is a smart way for keeping your site visitors around and with thumbnails it is even smarter! Mike on More-tech-tips has created easy setup wizard for demos and code generation. Also, to have code copied to your Blogger blog!

New FeaturesDisplay related posts with/without thumbnails.Since, images added to Blogger posts are uploaded to PicasaWeb, you can use many custom thumbnail sizes.You can use one of 2 CSS styles to help you get started quickly.Display posts with transition effects or as a fixed list.Many transition options are available like opacity, width, height, font-size.Optional timeout technique is used to finish widget loading when one or more feed requests were not completed successfully, instead of waiting indefinitely. Thumbnails loading is delayed until widget has finished aggregating related posts to avoid loading extra imagesYou can customize it by placing optional parameters -like custom animation- in a HTML comment or HTML5 data attribute.Y…

Squeeze page blogger template

Launchpad is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 1 column. Excellent layout for blogs about computers or software.Squeeze page blogger template

Squeeze page blogger template
Demo || Download

2 different Fluid blogger templates

1. Fluid Tumblr
We have one of the Most Popular Free Tumblr Theme Fluid, and this Tumblr theme is now available as a Blogger Template.Fluid blogger template

1. Completely widgetised blogger template.
2. Best Suited for Personal blogs and Photo Blogs.
3. Professional Bloggers can make it SEO Compatible fluid blogger template using the guide.

Demo || Download

2. Fluid Solution is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns and right sidebar.Fluid blogger templates

Excellent layout for blogs about personal issues.
Demo || Download

Make your blogger blog compatible with mobile phones

How to make your blogger blog template compatible with mobile phone??
If you are using a Blogger Layout Template,this tutorial will helpful for you.But if your template is a blogger template,created by using Blogger Template Designer, usually this feature has already added to your template.This will really helpful to increase the number of mobile visitors of your blog.

Login to your blogger Dashboard--> Design- -> Edit HTML and search for

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
Now copy below code and paste it just before the above line.

<meta content='IE=EmulateIE7' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
<meta content='width=device-width,minimum-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0' name='viewport'/>
<meta content='width=1100' name='viewport'/>
Now save your template and you are done.

Template buisness for your blogger

This is a modern theme and bold, with several features installed, fonts and colors customizable and compatible with the latest versions of major browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.Business template for blogger

One column to the right Three blocks in the footer Name of your blog in the credits Optimized CSS  search box stylized compatible with the latest versions of major browsers Customizable fonts and colors Business template for blogger

Download || Demo

Blogger template for entertainment blogs

Entertainment blogger Templates best suited for celebrity blogs.
Entertainment Templates 2.0 has been released some time ago. This template improved the comment form. While enhancements is Hit Views Post (new). Each post is clicked will be counted by the counter views.
Demo || Download

Addding animated emoticons to your facebook status wall post and updates

A Facebook application called Status Emoticon enables users to include cute, and in some cases even animated emoticons in your status updates or wall posts. And fortunately, your friends are not required to add the application in order to see them.
You can use the little pixel graphics to make rebuses, or throw a bunch of them together and have your friends guess what your combination refers to. By the way, high five to the person who guesses the reference in the screenshot above! Just click any of the hundreds of emoticons of your choice (see the screenshot below) and they’ll be added to the WYSIWYG preview window.
Before hitting the Share button, make sure you select “Update My Status” or “Post to my Friend” depending on where you want your message to end up: on your own profile or that of multiple friends.

» Try Status Emoticon.