01 September, 2010

Addding animated emoticons to your facebook status wall post and updates

A Facebook application called Status Emoticon enables users to include cute, and in some cases even animated emoticons in your status updates or wall posts. And fortunately, your friends are not required to add the application in order to see them.
You can use the little pixel graphics to make rebuses, or throw a bunch of them together and have your friends guess what your combination refers to. By the way, high five to the person who guesses the reference in the screenshot above! Just click any of the hundreds of emoticons of your choice (see the screenshot below) and they’ll be added to the WYSIWYG preview window.
Before hitting the Share button, make sure you select “Update My Status” or “Post to my Friend” depending on where you want your message to end up: on your own profile or that of multiple friends.

» Try Status Emoticon.

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  1. what same with this
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