29 September, 2010

Publish new post to digg automatically use RSS Feed URL

If you already have a Digg account you can set your blog to Automatically Digg new post with in a matter of few seconds.You will need to verify yourself as the owner of your blog to automatically Digg your posts, below i will walk you through the steps.

Just lets follow the steps below:-

1. Login into your Digg account.
2. Click Settings at the right top of the page.
3. Click Import Feeds at the left task pane.
4. Enter your Website’s RSS Feed URL in the Text box.
5. Select your site’s niche from the dropdown box and click the Add Feed button.
6. After submitting the feed you need to verify your ownership of your Site, by following any one of the two methods provided by Digg.

See Image Below


  1. Thanks before reading this,i used to submit by each time i go to digg.com and i submit my post now its clear..thanks for sharing this..

  2. I admit to this i done this too.thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the info. I'm new to both Digg and Wordpress and a quick Google search found your site. I new it was possible, I just didn't know how.

  4. very interesting post.I am searching for this all over the web...how to add posts automatically directly to digg.Thanks bro..helped me a lot.!


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