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How to set Computer Network for small business using WIN XP

Setting up a small business computer network has become easier over the years as operating systems and networking technologies have improved, and storage and networking peripherals have evolved to incorporate plug and play features.

What are the main reasons for having a computer network?
Setting up a network is a good way to get more use out of your computers and peripherals, particularly for small and home business users.
Networks allow you to share a single broadband Internet connection among multiple computers and PC users.
They are able to share files among computers more easily and also share software resources such as diaries.
 Networking also allows you to use a printer connected to a different computer, and access media and other resources, such as images and music, which are stored remotely or across the office.

Should I go wired or wireless?
More and more small businesses are using wireless networking equipment, particularly since it has fallen in price and become easier to config…

Remove border around image uploaded in blogger - blogspot

This is easy to change! You will look for the code that you wish to change, which is .post img code in the CSS style sheet. How to completely REMOVE the border that appears around a posted photo within a post on Blogger??

Look for code with post img  in your template code -
post img {
border:0px solid $bordercolor;

.post img {
margin: 5px;
padding: 5px;
background: $imagebgColor;
border: 1px solid $imageBorderColor;
Change this line to read:
.post img {

Best free blog spots for a new blogger

Various Platforms – Offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for their free package, more benefits for paid members.
Blog – All blog entries show up on the main ladder as well as inside your own blog. – A great starting site to get a taste of blogging, very easy to spots – Allows you to blog, host photos & videos, and podcasts. – European based blogging site, offers 30-day trial and subscription thereafter, but offers quite a bit of storage. – Offers free image hosting in addition to free blogs. – Blogging site with extras such as chat boxes so you can interact with your readers. – Lets you build a blog site and even open it up for collaboration. – Free blog hosting with RSS feeds and more. – Free blog hosting and offers templates, friends only posts, IP-Banning and more. – Based in Europe, allows you to create all sorts of websites inc…

New Halloween blogspot template - 2column black

Halloween Blogger Template is cute and funny template It’s a template I personally like too much ’cause it’s simply, childlike and very cute.
 Demo || Download

2 cool Justin Bieber blogger template

1. Justin Beiber Blogger Template
Add to your Blog
Follow these steps.

2) Step 1
Copy the code below. Left click in the box. Then right click the highlighted text and select Copy.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html xmlns='' xmlns:b='' xmlns:data='' xmlns:expr=''> <head> <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> <b:skin><![CDATA[/* ----------------------------------------------- Blogger Template Style Name: Designer: ProfileBrand URL: ----------------------------------------------- */ /* Variable definitions …

4 unique mom blogger templates with skin colors picking

I have been trying hard these days to collect the best blogger templates available on the internet and these 4 amazing mom blogger templates are really worth sharing.

These beautiful templates are the courtesy of  Jessica thanks to her for her wonderful time and effort she has devoted to make such beautiful mom blogger templates

Please Note : Download instructions are available on the preview page ,please read the instructions and terms to use carefully.

1. Blissful blogger template

A blissful blogger templates,available in  11 different color pickings , with light green background ,3 column layout definitely number one on the list.

Pick your coloring ....




2. Savvy student blogger template
Savvy student blogger template, for a young woman who is still in its graduate years, with light blue  background and  11 different pickings.

Pick your Coloring:





3. Bakery beauty mom blogger template

Bakery beauty template for those who love cooking , best suited for cookery bl…