31 May, 2010

Removing Automatic readmore hack from static pages-blogger

Most of the Blogger's now days are using automatic read more hack with customized thumbnail.Blogger in drafts have recently announced a great feature called static pages (standalone pages).
Previous version of the Read more script does not have necessary modifications for static pages.So if you are using blogger template with older version of read more than you need to edit the template manually to remove read more option from web pages.and letting your pages display as standalone pages.

Do check out my previous post Show post titles on Home page Only and Add reply option to blogger like wordpress

Follow easy instructions to remove automatic read more from blogger static pages -

Just Login To Blogger and Go To (Dashboard → Layout → Edit Html → Expand Widgets → Press Ctrl+F) and now search for below codes.

<div class='post-body'>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;static_page&quot;'><br/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>

<div expr:id='"summary"   data:post.id'><data:post.body/></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>createSummaryAndThumb("summary<data:post.id/>");
</script> <span class='rmlink' style='float:right;padding-top:20px;'><a expr:href='data:post.url'> read more "<data:post.title/>"</a></span>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'><data:post.body/></b:if>


<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

What you have to do is search for the code similar to this in your blogger template and code and add the red code in the same position as i have added to above code.
This will solve your problem by removing automatic read more hack from static pages

29 May, 2010

How to embed a google wave in blogger?Image based tutorial

I do not know if many people use it but we'll see how to insert a wave on a blog as a widget so that any visitor can use it. Tell them that this wave will only be visible and may be used by visitors using Firefox or Chrome.

How to embed  Google wave in blogger as widget?Image based tutorial

Step[1]Create a wave in your wave client by clicking on new wave button.
Click Image to enlarge
Step[2]You will be asked to add any email address to a wave

Step[3]Add public@a.gwave.com to the left most window and click Done

Step[4]Copy the url of the wave (the address which appears in the address bar of your browser) and go to Google wave element page

Step[5]Paste the copied URL, select the values you want to use as wide and high, if we want to have header and footer, etc.

On that same page it provide the code to copy and add in an HTML element on our blog.

If you does not know how to use Google wave or Need Google Wave Invitation comment below !!

28 May, 2010

10+ free islamic blogger blogspot templates themes and xmls

Here you can download Top 10 Islamic Blogger Blogspot templates themes and xmls.If you are looking for football templates you can see my collection 16 football style blogger templates and if you are a music addict you can go through 33 music style blogger template.

Here are 11 islamic blogger(blogspot) templates ,themes,xmls :-

[1] Kaba Islamic blogger template

Features :
Blue Color template ,
Classic Skin ,
general ,
2 column,
Right sidebar
Download : kaba.txt

[2]Book Al-Quran  blogger blogspot template theme

Features :
The inclusion of two verses of Al-Quran ((Surah Ali Imran: 2-3 and Surah an-Nahl: 89) can be replaced. But it must be noted in size, which must fit and match the size of the width of the image background / background.
Demo     | |    Download : Al-Quran

[3] Purple, My Days  Islamic blogger template

Features :
View : Live Demo

Dwnload : purple.txt

[4] My Blog - XML Skin Another  Islamic blogger template

Features :
View : Live Demo

Download : my-blog.txt

[5] Ottomans blogger template

Features :
View : Live Demo

Download : Ottomans

[6] Black Muharram Template blogger template

Features :

[7] Ka’bah islamic blogger blogspot template themes

Features :

[8]Ramadhan Islamic Blogger Template

Features :

[9]Islamic 1 Blogger Template

Features :

[10]Islamic 1 Blogger Template

Features :

[11]Allahu Akbar #3Blogger Template

Features :

24 May, 2010

SimplexTube A Video Blogger Template

So here is new Video blogger template named SimplexTube . It's a template for personal blog , support video and video thumbnail ,not a video gallery .
You can see the screenshot here

SimplexTube A Video Blogger Template
Video Blogger Template

How to install simplex tube video blogger template?
Download template . All images are uploaded s to ImageShack and scripts to Google code ,ImageShack and Google code are unlimited bandwidth services at this time .
Upload template to Blogger .
Go to Dashboard  > Layout  >  Page Elements .

How to use SimplexTube
This template has two sections ,Video and Blog . Video for showing videos ,and Blog for showing normal post
1.To create a video post ( mean a post with video and text description for that video ) ,post with structure bellow :
text description goes here

For example ,I want to create a video post with youtube video at this address : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5wfYPXAjl8 ,here is what I do :
Go to Dashboard - > Posting ->New Post
and enter post content like this

Textdescription .....blah blah blah ...

add the label 'video' in Labels field .
Click Publish Post . Ok ,we finish posting a new video to blog

2.To post a normal article ,go to Posting ->New Post and write your content as normal . But remember to add label 'blog' at Labels field . This label will mark post as normal blog post and it will show your post in Blog Post style ( Not Video Post style ).

3. To show your post in slideshow at the top of homepage,add one more label 'feature' to the post .

At this time, Simplextube template support only Youtube video

23 May, 2010

Use Google Font API for decorating your Post Title and sidebar title

Google announced their new Font API yesterday, including a font directory and preview tool to make open sourced fonts  available to everybody on the web.You can get more such blogger tricks directly to your mailbox os you can subscribe to my RSS feeds.
Some more Tutorials on This Blog-

Steps for Adding Google Font to change Blogger Post Title 
Step[1] Choose Your Font
Just go to the Google Font Directory and pick the desired font there are already prety nice font and will be expanded with the popularity and time.
Use preview tool to Test different Fonts with all available options.You can Capitalize,Lower Or upper your text.Use this preview tool to check how your text look with letter spacing,line spacing,and word spacing.And don't forget to check the shadow option.

Step[2] Get Code
Once you have selected Font from Google Font Directory click on Get Code .

just copy it and paste between your <head> and </head> tags. Like this:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cantarell' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> 

Cantarell was selcted by me.

Note-This code will not be excepted by blogger and might give you an error to close the link tag, just add a little "/" in the end like this:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cantarell' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/

Step[3] Decorate your Post Titles
From Your Dashboard. Go to Layout > Edit HTML And .
Use your Browser search to find .post h3 or .post h2 which ever present in your template.This post h3 or h2 defines your post Title properties.
Look for Font-family in your post h3 and add the font name you have selected from Google.

font-family: 'Cantarell',Tahoma,Verdana, Arial, Lucida Grande, sans-serif;

Click on Save Template

This Is It.

Do you like this tutorial? Do you like Google Font ? Use below comment form to send your suggestions or queries to me.

22 May, 2010

33 music style blogger templates layouts and xmls

There are not many music style blogger templates but here i have tried to collect the best and different blogger templates for every type of user from personal music blog to professional music blog.Previously i have collected 16 football style blogger templates And 11 clean white blogger templates.

[1] Blog rockero

Features :
  • Pink color, Black background.
  • Music Blogger Templates
  • 2 column, Right sidebar
  • It’s nice template with very good header, cool navigation bar…
  • This template for Music blogs

[2] Dream time blogger template

Features :
  • Blogger Two Column
  • Music Blogger Templates
  • New Blogger Templates, Pink,
  • Simple Blogger Templates, White,
  • Black, Blogger Two Column,
  • Abstract, Animals, Best, Music, Web

[3] marilyn monroe blogger template

Features :
  •  dark
  • music
  • celebrity  
  • feminine  
  • adfree  
    [4] The beatles blogger layout

    Features :
    • Simple
    • Music Blogger Templates
    • Ads free
    • the beatles blogger template
    • For Beatles fans

    [5]Feel The Music (animated) Layouts

    [6]Music Makes The World Go Round Layouts
    Features :
      Keywords: music, rap music, rapper, rappers, slim shady, eminem, relapse, punisher, em, Description: A layout of rap artist Eminem.

    [7] Piano blogger layout

    Features :
    • White text, Black background.
    • Music Blogger Templates
    • Left sidebar
    • Template for piano blogs

    [8] guitar blogger layout

    Features :
    • guitar blogger template
    • Stationary background image
    • left sidebar
    [9] hero rocks blogger layout

    Features :
    • Another guitar template
    • Awesome background image
    • 2 column, Right sidebar
    • Black body background
    • Dark red text color
    [11] soft music blogger template

    Features :
    • Soft music template
    • Music Blogger Templates
    • Nice header image
    • Left sidebar
    • Clean layout
    [12] Dance through the Music

    Features :
    • Left sidebar,right sidebar
    • Fixed width
    • 3 column

    [12] gramophonica free blogger templates

    Features :
    • Fixed width
    • LEft sidebar
    • 2 column
    • White

    [15] music lover blogger template

    Features :
    • 3 column
    • Fixed width
    • 3 column, Right sidebar
    • Left sidebar
    [16] night club blogger template

    Features :
    • Dark background.
    • 2 column, Right sidebar
    • Full color customization
    • Fixed width
    [17] Another music template

    Features :
    • Music Template 
    • 3 column Layout
    • Left And right sidebar
    • Red dark background image
    • Large blog header
    [18] cassette table blogger template

    Features :
    • Cassette taple blogger template
    • Personal blog
    • Yellow background color
    • Right sidebar
    • 2 column

    [19] Music Blog (2 Columns Blogger Templates)

    Features :
    • Cassette taple blogger template
    • Compatible with: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
    • Labels: 2 Columns Blogger Templates
    • Music Blog (2 Columns Blogger Templates)
    • 2 column

    [20] Eminem Rap Artist Music Blogger Template!

    Features :
      Keywords: music, rap music, rapper, rappers, slim shady, eminem, relapse, punisher, em, Description: A layout of rap artist Eminem.

    [21]Dj In The House

    Features :
      Blue color, Black background.
      This template for Music, Personal blogs 
      Music Blogger Templates 
      Fixed width, 1 sidebar. 2 column, 
      Left sidebar It’s cool template with Search box, Left sidebar, Nice header iamge…

    [22] SpeakerBlog

    Features :
    • Music Blogger Templates
    • 2 column, Right sidebar 
    • This template for Music, Personal , blogs 
    • Fixed width, 1 sidebar. Colorful color, Gray background.

    [23] Musica 01

    Features :
    • Music Blogger Templates 
    • This template for Music, Girly, Love ,
    • blogs Fixed width, Left sidebar. 
    • DarkViolet color, DarkViolet background. 2 colums,
    • 1 sidebar


    Features :
      2 column, left sidebar. top navigation menu,rss feed icon search box, abstract music banner. web2 music blogger templates web2 blogger template with pink buttons, wordpress look and vector banner

    [25]Music Press Blogger Template!

    Features :
      A girly personal template for music themed blog. Features include two column, left sidebar, widget ready, social bookmark ready, pink, brown

    [26] Piano Template

    Features :
      2 columns,blogger template,Fixed width,keyboard,keys,Left sidebar,music,piano

    [27] Rock Music Blogger Template!

    Features :
      Black, Blogger Two Column, Elegant, Green, New Blogger Templates, Photo Picture, Premium Blogger, Red, WpThemesFree Categories: Design, Font, Music, Nature, Small

    [28] This Is It Blogger Template

    Features :
      Properties: Adapted From Wordpress, All Color, Blogger Three Column, EZwpthemes, Elegant, Gray, Left And Right, Premium Blogger Categories: Best, Design, Music, Personal

    [29]Spanish Guitar Blogger Template

    Features :
      Properties: Adapted From Wordpress, Blogger Two Column, Elegant, Fluid Width, New Blogger Templates, Premium Blogger, Red, WPThemesCreator, White Categories: Background, Best, Music, Small, Vector

    [30] Musique Blogger Template

    Features :
      Properties: Blogger Two Column, Blue, Elegant, New Blogger Templates, Premium Blogger, White, WpThemesFree Categories: Background, Music, Small, Web

    [31]We Love 80s Blogger Template

    Features :
      Properties: Adapted From Wordpress, Black, Blogger Two Column, Elegant, New Blogger Templates, Premium Blogger, WPThemesCreator, White Categories: Modern, Music, Unique

    [32] Anime Music Template

    Features :

    [33]Violin Music

    Features :