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Perfect blogger template for gourmet blogs

The Template Gourmet has a column on the right, three blocks at the bottom for gadgets and all the icons follow the theme of the model. The fonts and colors are customizable.
FEATURES     Customizable colors and fonts    Compatible with any browser that is properly updated.    Template theme    1 Column right    3 blocks in the footer    Name your blog's footer (self)    Optimized CSS    Several hacks installed Demo | Download

Adding Football flash games to your website blog

Got bored and would like to play games while you're blogging?! Below is a good example of flash games for blogger you can add these games to your blogspot blogs or website and adding them to the desired location as a widget or on the post area.

<iframe width="500" height="420" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> <noscript><span style="font-size: xx-small;">Football Flash games for your blog </span></noscript>

What is Managed VPN Services ? Quick Tips

The business landscape has changed and, in order for your business to be competitive, your company must be constantly connected to your vendors, suppliers and customers over the Internet.
Access is no longer limited to home connections. The ability to access email, files, and information is vital to the success of all organizations. Travelers need access everywhere.

The rise of unlimited wireless access makes widespread remote access a reality as well as a threat. Secure SMB offers a broad array of large and small solutions to handle remote access.
SSL VPN Services
Create secure remote access via SSL VPN gateways. New security appliances provide secure remote access for 10 to 10,000 users without the need of complex client software. The technology uses the SSL encryption of web pages to create secure virtual private networks (VPN). Secure SMB offers solutions from Juniper, Symantec and Cisco.
IPSec VPN Services
A wide variety of traditional IPsec VPN solutions are also avai…

Blogger Template soccer for football fans

The Template Soccer has two backgrounds: the first is green, illustrated with soccer balls and the second is slightly transparent. LinkBar, sidebar and footer blocks are in shades of gradient (darker gray and lighter gray).

FEATURES     Rounded corners    Two types of background    Using gradient    Template theme    1 Column right    3 blocks in the footer    Your blog name in the credits    Optimized CSS    Several hacks installed Demo | Download

How to display ads on Youtube Video

An How to question on display ads on youtube video .
YouTube is probably one of the most popular video services online. But, how do you incorporate its use in helping you to make money online? If you are a regular video up loader on youtube, You could make money from the youtube videos that you have uploaded, By joining youtube partner program.
You need to be a partner on YouTube. To become a partner you need to apply. Your videos need to be popular and yield lots of views and your videos must be of good quality.
YouTube will assess your channel and videos and then either accept or decline your application.

How To Apply For Youtube Partner Program?
Go to on Apply.The provide some details about your youtube account and about you.Submit the application and wait for youtube's reply.Good luck.

Click link to apply for youtube partners program