10 May, 2011

What is Managed VPN Services ? Quick Tips

The business landscape has changed and, in order for your business to be competitive, your company must be constantly connected to your vendors, suppliers and customers over the Internet.
Access is no longer limited to home connections. The ability to access email, files, and information is vital to the success of all organizations. Travelers need access everywhere.

The rise of unlimited wireless access makes widespread remote access a reality as well as a threat. Secure SMB offers a broad array of large and small solutions to handle remote access.
SSL VPN Services
Create secure remote access via SSL VPN gateways. New security appliances provide secure remote access for 10 to 10,000 users without the need of complex client software. The technology uses the SSL encryption of web pages to create secure virtual private networks (VPN). Secure SMB offers solutions from Juniper, Symantec and Cisco.
IPSec VPN Services
A wide variety of traditional IPsec VPN solutions are also available (IPsec or site-to-site VPN).

Our Managed VPN service allows organizations to effectively build secure, cost-effective trust relationships over the Internet without the required investment in expensive hardware, software, and training.

Remote user access is enabled while constant monitoring and instant access to corporate information over the Internet is achieved by establishing secure VPN connectivity between the gateway and the firewall. 


  1. I need some advice on what the best method for connecting to office building is, a connector that work for use has said to save money a SSL VPN could be created over the to building internet access though it relies on those internet connection and uses bandwidth or to spend a lot on an optical link of over 70 metres. which is a better idea?

  2. I think that you should get the optical link. It would be a good investment.
    US VPN

  3. I'm expecting for to have an established VPN connection between the gateway and firewall. Managed VPN services needs to have quick fix to every problem the client encounters.


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