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9 important SEO thoughts post Google Panda Update

The very first Google Panda update, dubbed as the Farmer update, was released on February 24, 2011. This update marked the biggest change Google had ever made in its search algorithm, and this update decreased the traffic of websites by as much as 80 percent. According to Matt Cutts, the Panda update was designed to affect nearly 12 percent of all searches.He further stated that around 500 of search improvements were slated for release this year.

Matt Cutts on Panda update

The key areas where Google has struck hardest with its new update are listed below

1.Content Farms

Websites that act like content farms have been devalued by Panda. This is mainly because they stuff low quality and outdated content into their web pages for the sole purpose of gaining traffic and raising their search engine ratings. Oftentimes, they provide  content of zero value, and yet are ranked higher than sites that offer genuine information.

2. Quality Content 

 Quality content is more important now than ever. Google does not like affiliate sites, and having longer articles really helps. Articles and pages on your website should contain 700 words or more. Google loves quality content and proving it to Google's spiders is going to boost you in the rankings quickly.

3.Spammy Links -

 Google has always had trouble separating pure spam from genuine links. Google Panda has hit profile links and blog comments, and they no longer pass much quality onto your site, according to Google.

4.Social Sites -

Facebook and Twitter are among the top websites now, and so Google understands the power behind these social platforms. Google now recognizes that people hold in high regard what their friends tell them; lending credence to these sites as pertains to SEO high regard what their friends tell them; lending credence to these sites as pertains to SEO

5.Losing Long Tail Keyword Traffic -

It has been established that the Panda update has caused the loss of long tail keyword traffic for many sites. Mind you, the primary keywords’ ranking would stay unchanged. The question is, why only long tail keywords? The answer to this question lies in the quality of your content. If Google feels the quality of your content is not up to the mark, your long tail keywords will get devalued resulting in less traffic.

6.Ranking Decrease for Exact Match Domains - 

Google used to place EMDs or Exact Match Domains in high regard. high. EMDs are almost always based on a primary keyword that receives a lot of traffic, or in other cases, it is a slight variation of the main keyword.Many junk websites with poor content achieve good SERP ranking because of EMDs. With the Panda update, Google set out to fill this loophole. Surely the domain of a website is one of the important features of a website, but Google aims to downplay this factor so that there is no room for misuse. Therefore, if you noticed about 30 percent drop in ranking in your EMD sites, it means you need to stop depending upon EMDs so much in this post-Panda era.

7.Improve site design to better accommodate ads - 

It has been noticed that the content-to-ad ratio on a webpage has become an important factor after the Panda update. Placing large blocks of ads above the fold might not be a good idea anymore, as Google now penalizes websites for this practice. Many websites that had a plethora of ads around that content, taking up most of the screen real estate, have plummeted in the rankings. Such websites do not provide a good user experience, and the content is hard to locate.Come up with a good site design with pre-assigned space for ads don’t just place them randomly all over the page.

8. Sitemap and Site Navigation - 

The sitemap, as the name suggests, is a map of your website. This is basically a list of all pages on The sitemap, as the name suggests, is a map of your website. This is basically a list of all pages on have a HTML sitemap because of its user-friendly nature.
Sitemaps help to keep your website organized, and therefore it must be kept up to date. If you are using Wordpress, there are plugins available that automatically generate and update your sitemap.

9. Google +1 

Google is becoming more social, and one of the biggest proofs of this is the addition of the +1 button on all the Google result pages. The launch of Google Plus has only strengthened this belief because the pages that you +1 appear on your profile, and are automatically shared with all of your friends. Social marketing today is a powerful tool, and Google realizes that. Although Google has denied the use of data from the Chrome extension that marked sites as spam based on user's personal choices, it cannot be denied that this might be used in the future. This is another reason that you should make your site user-friendly and socially popular. Market your services and products on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, because if you are socially popular, it makes sense that you will rank higher. This strategy is a win-win for everyone, because a strong presence on social networks will popularize your site and bring you visitors, which is ultimately your goal in any case. And of course, there is a strong indication that with further updates, such sites will receive a ranking boost. Therefore, include feeds from Facebook and Twitter on your website, and you will soon see the benefit.
This article is from PandaUpdateReport by EZD
Google is expected to have more that 500 changes in the search algorithms this year,this is just the beginning good is yet to come


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  4. Google Panda impact a lot on many sites. Now quality and relevancy link both are essential for visibility, juicy traffic,inbound-outbound link etc.

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