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Best Mobile social Networking list updated regularly

Social networking industry has ruled the internet in last 5 years.Every social networks tries to came up unique ideas to appeal and enrich human social experience online.Most People love being social from simple chat room like Yahoo CHAT where people can meet others and join affinity groups with only texting tools, to multimedia-rich environments like Zynga and 3d virtual games which persist even after the user logs off. Social networking is still evolving with business tycoons trying best to get best out of this segment.

Next step towards Social Networking is Mobile Social Networking and more than 975 million Mobile Web users expected by 2012,and growing at a healthy rate.Mobile social Networking can never be neglected.
So here is a good list of  Mobile Social Networking Sites in no particular sequence, Of course this is not the complete list,so please leave a comment if i missed out your favorite social site or you can share your thoughts mobile social network and its future .

Do you have an audience, members, supporters, or patrons? Do they have cell phones? Start your mobile club now and stay connected.Schedule text alerts in advance.Broadcast regional alerts from your phone.Customize your own Broadtexter Widget.People can join your club from their phones.Members can share their mobile pics.
 Keep in touch with your community and use SMS to promote your mobile website. Then create your own voting, subscription and text in/text out SMS services.

 MocoSpace is the cross-platform community of choice for making connections, keeping in touch and staying entertained. With over 10 million registered members generating 2.5 billion impressions per month, MocoSpace was recently cited by Hitwise as the #1 mobile web site in the U.S.

Get mig33 and you’ll be connected to people around the world. IM, visit chat rooms, send email, share photos, SMS and, of course, make cheap calls.

Find your friends using your mobile
See who's nearby. Invite them to join you at your favourite places.
Make new friends. Discover new places. It’s easy and it’s free!
 with aka-aki your friends are always with you. you can send and receive free text messages on your mobile or using the website. your status updates show the others what you are up to and can also be twittered automatically.
 The mobile community wants to be MySpace for your phone. By connecting people and content in both the U.S. and E.U., itsmy has already gathered up more than 1 million registered mobile users with 4 million mobile home and content pages and continues to grow

The Open Social Mobile Toolkit supports MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and Facebook and allows developers of applications on those networks to extend them to the mobile phone. In addition to extending support for the Open Social and Facebook platforms to the mobile phone, the Frengo toolkit allows developers to monetize applications via the company's social advertising platform or via premium SMS.

 Unlimited Group Texting.Free. Everywhere.Reply all functionality – Start a conversation with a group of friends, and everyone gets the replies.Share locations and photos with friends via text message.Earn real-world deals simply by visiting places.

MeetMoi is a safe and easy dating service for meeting people near you. Using groundbreaking technology, MeetMoi looks for people around your location and lets you browse pictures, send messages, and connect with members, all from your cell phone. Since MeetMoi values safety above everything, no one’s actual location is ever revealed.
 A simple and social way to create pages and follow pages around things you care about.

I might have  missed out some mobile social networks? Let me know throught your comments and i will update the list.


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