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Best way to unlock huawei modems for free with unlock codes

Note there are two ways to do this -

Best and easy way to unlock any Huawei modem using unlock codes! And let me tell you this has worked for my Huawei E220.
Huawei modems can be brought from many service providers but they are programmed to work with there own network.But if you want to change your service provider then you need to unlock your modems.In this step by step tutorial i will explain you the best way to unlock any Huawei modem for free.

This tutorial is compatible with -

Huawei Modems

Huawei E156 Huawei E156C Huawei E155 Huawei E155X
Huawei E156G Huawei E160 Huawei E160E Huawei E160G
Huawei E161 Huawei E166 Huawei E166G Huawei E169
Huawei E169G Huawei E170 Huawei E170G Huawei E172
Huawei E172G Huawei E176 Huawei E180 Huawei E180S
Huawei E180G Huawei E181 Huawei E182 Huawei E182E
Huawei E196 Huawei E216 Huawei E219 Huawei E226
Huawei E230 Huawei E270 Huawei E271 Huawei E272
Huawei E510 Huawei E612 Huawei E618 Huawei E620
Huawei E630 Huawei E660 Huawei E800 Huawei E870
Huawei E880 Huawei EG162 Huawei EG162G Huawei EG602
Huawei EG602G Huawei E1550 Huawei E1551 Huawei E1552
Huawei E1553 Huawei E1609 Huawei E1612 Huawei E1615
Huawei E1616 Huawei E1630 Huawei E1632 Huawei E1690
Huawei E1692 Huawei E1803 Huawei E1820 Huawei S4011
Huawei K3517 Huawei K3520 Huawei K3710 Huawei UMG181

Vodefone Modems
  1. Vodafone K2540
  2. Vodafone K3250
  3. Vodafone K3512
  4. Vodafone K3515
  5. Vodafone K3520
  6. Vodafone K3565
  7. Vodafone K3715
Step 1- You need to find your modem IMEI number which is usually printed on modem or check the modem manual for your unique IMEI number for example mine IMEI number is
IMEI: :356165035539027

Step 2- Go to the link**************
Replace ************** with your unique IMEI number so that the link should be like my example below -

Open your customized link in your web browser and you will get something like this


IMEI: 356165035539027

Entsperren / Unlock: 53916665
Flashen / Flash: 36421160

(c) SERGEY/MKL 2010

Here 53916665 is your unlocking code .

Step 3- Download Huawei Modem Unlocker ( from here).Download contains a rar file you will need a compression tool like winrar to open and view files (download winrar free ).Run file name HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer.exe

Step 4- Huawei Modem Unlocker  will open (see image below)

Click on Detect button and then select your modem name from the list.after selection from the list click on Accept button.

Step 5- Finally,Click on Unlock Button and enter your 8 digit unlock code which you obtained earlier from Step2.

Click OK and done.

If you have followed all steps,then your modem will get unlocked for sure.
Well,this trick has worked best for all above mentioned Huawei modems,but if somehow this does not work for you,just post your comment and i will try to reach to you ASAP.

2. Unlock Huawei Modem Online
If you do not want to download any software and still want to unlock your modem,then YES there is an online application which can generate unlock code and flash code which is exclusive for your IMEI and works like charm for various Huawei models.

Models supported -

E1550, E155, E156, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169, E169G, E170, E172, E176, E180, E182E, E196, E226, E270, E271, E272, E510, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G
Go to this (website), enter your IMEI number,fill Capcha and click on "calculator" button.
It will automatically generates you unlock code and flash code.

Where to use this unlock code ?

To make use of the unlock code, insert an unauthorized sim card to your Huawei modem.
Unauthorized sim card means sim card from other card operators other than the one the modem is currently locked to.
When you will insert, you would be prompted for the modem’s unlock code.
You need to enter enter the unlock code which you have generated earlier form that website.
Its done now,and your Huawei is unlocked. You can now use your Huawei USB modem with sim cards from any other operator. I have tested it on my Huawei E220 and it worked.

Thanks and Cheers !!


  1. Hey,i do exactly like you mentioned in the post,i get the unlock code from the website and then i downloaded software and generate unlocking code for my modem,and now it is working for me.
    Cheers mate

  2. Hi,mu IMEI is IMEI: 356165035539027 can you please tell me what is my unlocking code.Thanks and have subscribed to comments.

  3. my computer can not detect the type of my modem or anything in that dialog box.plz what can i do?? plz help me

  4. sir ,
    how to know that my vodafonek3765 modem is unlock.

  5. will this tutorial unlock my huawei B933 ? please teach me how. thanks.

  6. somebody help me with e173eu1 ?

    Device name: E173
    Application port: COM6
    Serial number: Unknown
    IMEI: 867767003029572
    Hardware version: CD1E153M
    Firmware version:
    Software Version: 11.302.09.01.539

    Own number(MSISDN): Unknown
    Messages in SIM/USIM: Unknown
    Contacts in SIM/USIM: Unknown
    Message center number:
    PIN code status: Unknown

    Network status
    Network name: Unknown
    RSSI: Unknown
    CS network registration: Unknown
    PS network registration: Unknown
    PS network attachment: Unknown

    Network settings
    APN: internet
    Network selection mode: Unknown

  7. Hi.. could you please help me out in unlocking my Idea netsetter (India) modem. I tried in the above mentioned methods. But it returned error. My device details are
    Idea netsetter E1550
    Phone IMEI :356052041421000
    Revision :11.608.14.15.356
    Model :E1550
    Manufacturer :huawei
    Entsperren / Unlock: 39912196
    Flashen / Flash: 46866981. My email ad is Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

  8. thanks for the information hopefully can provide value to the many benefits

  9. Hi!!!! I read this post and followed the instructions to the best of my ability, however when I send the unlock command, I recieve an error.
    imei number is 351827019383869
    manufacturer: huawei
    Model : e220
    I'd also like to know is whether my device is capable of being unlocked in this manner and also any tips in that regard.

  10. hi, my model is E220 and imei is354136020444786, i have tried both ways to enter the unlock code but its error.
    my email,
    hope u can help, many thanks

  11. hi,I just followed the instructions but I receive an error hope u can help me. my model k3565-rev 2.imei 356408037106551
    my email,

  12. Hey,i do exactly like you mentioned in the post,i get the unlock code from the website and then i downloaded software and generate unlocking code for my modem, but its not working and the error is "A connection wa terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed.

  13. Free online calculator for unlock 3g modem –

  14. hi..i hv calculate my unlock,i would like to unlock,i had downloaded the software,but i didnt understand about the com do i fill in the empty space there?

    plz do email me the technique to this



  16. hi..i have follow the steps then the 1st step ok..when i try it again..end unlocker that a normal because i try to unlock the unlock modem?

  17. I have generated the unlock code and Flash code...BUT the modem wont prompt where I can enter these codes. It just opens and says; "wrong SIM" or "error"... but will not prompt me to unlock.

    How do I go about this? (on Huawei E173)

    Thank you

  18. Hi,Anonymous
    this is not compatible with all huawei modems because of the recent firmware update by Huawei.
    It is a hit and trial option.
    You can get it work if you have older firmware.
    Thanks For your comment

  19. Thanks for the reply Funblogger.

  20. my modem doesn't unlock after put code what can i do?

  21. my modem doesn't unlock after code entry its bring error message.can i get any help according to this error?

  22. its not imei is 353107031866839 its huawai e1690......plz unlock my modem

  23. E173 but i can't unlock. how about you? Can u help me? and give a software to me one....

  24. hi, i follow all the steps and the last result is " Send Unlock Command... OK". It is work? or what the last result should i have? pls give me the feed back. Thank you

  25. i already enter the unlock code
    meassage is comming error

    my huawei model no:e1731 airtel india,e173 cs 1 model

    please solve the problem ASPA.

  26. Hiii frnds, my Huawei Model no is E1750c, got with AIRCEL. i got my unlocking code and flash code, and i entered the unlock code when i asked (when used the reliance sim). But now i want to use the vodafone sim, but it was not connecting... so i'm using the mobile partner software when i wanted to use with vodafone.. So pls give me any suggestions that how to use internet with vodafone sim wiithout installing any software, as like with reliance.. (or) pls say can it be possible to use internet without installing any software... pls post immediately frnds.. or give reply to my mail id (

  27. Can here is a possibility to unlock huawei ec152 cdma modem ( Tata photon+ )

  28. hi i have done all what you said in first one and i get an error:( Send Unlock Command... ERROR)can you assist please,my email addy

  29. Hi I have a newer model, that is the huawei vodafone r201 which uses only vodafone sim. can I get a software to unlock it and be able to use it with other networks

  30. I am getting folloeing error..4

    Send Unlock Command... ERROR

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    - Manufacturer :huawei
    - Model :K2540
    - Revision :
    - Phone IMEI :353475020235674

    Send Unlock Command... ERROR

  31. Mine SIM Lock status is shown as unlocked but it still doesnt recognizes other sim cards

    Help me...

  32. Hi I am viswanath, i want to unlock my aircel usb modem so i need unlock code. could you please provide the unlock code.
    my mail id is thanks in advance.

  33. HI
    my model is

    Found Phone, Phone Info: Etisalt [uae]
    - Manufacturer :huawei
    - Model :E220
    - Revision :
    - Phone IMEI :358193015507677
    » Unlock code: 35683373
    » Flash code: 53918334

    I send the unlock command but it' not unloking showing error
    plz help me

  34. Thanks for the guidelines on this topic. Pls i hav tried unlocking my airtel E173 modem as instructed, but kept seeing this information below;

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    - Manufacturer :huawei
    - Model :E173
    - Revision :
    - Phone IMEI :867749015302379

    Send Unlock Command... ERROR

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    - Manufacturer :huawei
    - Model :E173
    - Revision :
    - Phone IMEI :867749015302379

    Send Unlock Command... ERROR

    Please what should i do, can you help me unlock it? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  35. I find this tutorial useless for Macbook users.
    My macbook cant download this software - Download Huawei Modem Unlocker ( from here).
    this is for Windows users.
    I feel discriminated.


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