17 January, 2012

Cool photo booth effects download for Free

If you are a MAC user then you must be using Photo booth and ichat which comes pre-installed  for Mac OS X and iOS.Photo Booth allow us to take pictures by clicking center red button and add effects to our picture and videos.Photo Booth app is cool and it is really fun to apply different effect which you can use to distort your video and photos. PhotoBooth currently comes with 56 different photo and video effects while iPad 2 additionally includes Thermal,Mirror,X-ray,Kaleidoscope,Normal,Light Tunnel,Squeeze,Twirl and Stretch.

If you already bored from these old effects and are looking for better and more interesing photo booth effects then you can use below download options to install each effect.

How to Install these Photo Booth effects ?
  • Download as many photo booth effects as you want.
  • Unzip if they are zipped.
  • In Finder, navigate to /System/Library/Compositions then use Use command-click to select all the recommended compositions and Copy
  • Again in Finder, navigate to ~/Library/Compositions Then paste
To uninstall, empty the ~/Library/Compositions or /Library/Compositions folder.

More iChat effects

More ichat effects 2.05(updated) comes with a bundle of more than 56 effects for iChat and Photobooth in realtime.It does require to have OS X 10.5 Leopard installed.
These are super funny effects to photos and videos or video conferencing.Featuring more than 32 custom video effects like clown mask,holiday decoration(animated) and some more cut-outs and scene.You can download More ichat effects 2.05 for free from http://ismileys.free.fr


From B-L-A-C-K-O-P, you can get CatEye,which has Five sets of eight video effects for Leopard's iChat and Photo Booth .Download CatEye
Each set has its own theme:
  • RetroPixels – memories of 60s and 70s video effects.
  • Love For 80s – bringing back Space Invaders, Pong and VHS (yes, that’s video tape quality, ladies and gentlemen!).
  • Bent Pels – optical image distortion with a twist.
  • BoobToob – a set of TV screen effects.
  • FewTile – tiled-images effect.
To uninstal CatEye
1. Use Finder to open the /Library/Compositions folder.
2. Identify any/all CatEye effects (they have .qtz file extension).
3. Throw the effects into the Trash and empty it.


Freak Show has 16 Apple Photo Booth effects. Freak Show provides free Photo Booth-like effects for all Tiger Macs
Pros: Mimics pretty much all of Photo Booths functionality, Paid version captures video and offers additional effects, brings Photo Booth’s effects to the massesThe effects include stretching, magnifying and swirls, all which have the potential to provide hours of entertainment!
Cons: Not-quite-seamless integration with the iApps, performance is sluggish on even some newer systems, video capture requires a fairly robust system

If you know more Photo Booth effects please share with us ! OR if you have any issues with these effects use below comment system to reach me.

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